Library for validating `yaml` files against schema and selectively dumping nodes from `yaml` (or `json`) documents in `yaml` or `json` format.

This is a port of ytools ( ), which was Python 2 only, to Python 3.


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  • Output yaml as json or python

  • Output json as yaml or python (provided that there are no duplicate mapping entry in the json source)

  • Extract particular nodes from yaml and json files.

    • If yaml is used as output format (default) the output is a valid yaml document.

  • Validate yaml and json documents.

    • The json-schema can be provided in yaml format as well, which improves readability and writability.

  • Preserve order of mapping-keys in yaml and json output.

  • Multi-document support

    • Multiple input files

      • … as well as multiple yaml documents within a file

      • … and a combination of both


python3 -m pip install ytools3 --user

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